The Blaze—Glenn Beck's news blog—zoomed in on a pair of Portland State University's "controversial" courses today: "Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice“ and ”Art Within Activism.” The author is shocked that good ol' American taxpayers are funding these Marxist courses without providing a political balance. The Marxism course urges student to connect with local groups like Occupy Portland, Jobs for Justice and Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights. The author asks: "Would Portland State University allow a 'Limited Government: Theory and Practice' course where students were forced to make a 'connection' with Tea Partiers and the NRA?" The art class is really just that: a course on modern art based off of recent activism pieces and products. WAR!

The dual courses are part of PSU's Chiron Studies program, when students can layout and instruct classes for credit. The post's comment stream are on FIRE, of course, chock full of fist shaking at the education system and that crazy "B. Hussein Obama" and pleading for a McCarthy return.

Here are a few gems: