Two new developments on the food front:

1) Wafu, the SE Division Japanese restaurant that has officially slipped into my regular rotation (the ramen is good, the small plates and special are awesome) has announced that they are implementing a late night happy hour from 9-11 pm Sundays through Thursdays, beginning this Sunday, April 15. Look for $2 steam buns and $5 ramen (!). I'll be hitting that.

2) Los Gorditos is poised to open a new location in the Pearl District at 922 NW Davis, with new menu items and an expanded vegan menu. And, I have mixed feelings about this, but unlike their other two eastside locations, they intend to take credit cards on the west side, wisely taking into consideration the density of businesses in the Pearl District that may want to have business lunches there and pay with company cards. Mixed, because the LG is my #1 destination when I'm craving a gooey, salty soyrizo and vegan cheese combination and I almost never carry cash, but on the other hand the newfound convenience of acting on these cravings may pose danger to the size of my ass. Prepare your own asses for the arrival, slated for the second week in June.