As Eater PDX reported, the Red E Cafe on Killingsworth plans to expand to a sweet spot in the Pearl's Ecotrust building in the near future. What I didn't realize until a fellow picky drinker tipped me off is that Keith Miller has been roasting out of the cafe's current location for a number of months now, and just recently began bagging his beans for retail sale. Sounds like Red E is ready to compete with other local roasters in an industry already spoiled with options.

I have every confidence they're going to make it, too. They have one important thing on their side - a SLAMMIN' cup of joe. My first sample of their espresso was right up there with the best of the city's better-known dealers. Owner/roaster Keith Miller has worked with the experts over at Sterling Coffee Roasters and around the local coffee scene in general, bringing Heart espresso into his own shop right beside his own coffee. They've got a great design concept, friendly baristas, and cold brew on tap. Look out, Stumptown!

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