Here's the gorgeous new video from Tu Fawning, for the opening track "Anchor" from their forthcoming album A Monument, which comes out next month. I can tell you right now that A Monument is an absolutely remarkable record—but here, get a look for yourself. This video, directed by local filmmaker Judah Switzer and shot around the Oregon dunes, is a perfect glimpse into the ravishingly spooky world of Tu Fawning's new album, with bone-rattling percussion and windswept melody. I could watch this video all day, and probably will.

A 7-inch single of "Anchor" will be released on Record Store Day (April 21) backed by a remix from Hauschka, which sounds like a perfect pairing of sensibilities. A Monument comes out May 15; to celebrate its release, Tu Fawning plays Holocene on June 8.