I always forget how hard mornings suck after going to the Bridgetown Comedy Fest all night—oh, but the evenings are grand. I lost track of my PBR count and of how many comedians I saw last night, mostly in the Barmuda Triangle of SE Hawthorne. Both tallies were high. My favorite act was Kurt Braunohler at the Mt. Tabor Theater, who I immensely enjoyed last year, but kinda forgot about until now. He's a tall bespectacled Germanic dude with great delivery and impeccable timing, and he ended his set with a particularly funny bit where he ate the world's most depressing food (one hard-boiled egg) while reading unsuccessful tweets. It was goddamn hysterical. (You can see him tonight at the Hawthorne Theatre at 7 pm and at the Mt. Tabor at 11 pm.) If you get a chance, catch a set by Michelle Biloon. She killed last night right before Braunohler. (She's at Helium tonight at 7 pm.)

I also took in the first half of the All Things Brody show at the Eagles Lodge (go there to get drunk—$1.50 cheap beer). Brody Stevens was hosting and closing, and while it was great to get brief chunks of his act between other stand-ups, I find that Stevens works best as a cumulative act, with his motivational speaker steez building and building to ridiculous bombast. He's a lot to take in, but man, is he funny. (You can catch him tonight at 8 pm at the Bagdad.)

In other Bridgetown ephemera: Yes, the Tanker is still hosting their cavalcade of continuous comedy all weekend long, even though you're not seeing it listed on the official schedules. As Marjorie has already noted, print your own schedule at home if you want to know what's happening—or just use that smartphone, smarty. Don't expect to just stroll into the BOG's tiny, tiny comedy room—that place is teensy weensy and very full. No Portland jokes yet?! What the what. Note to performers: Perhaps you should mine the Mercury's I Saw U personals, where you can find such gems as "i messed up more than a few orders when you mouthed thankyou across the cafe. i was wearing a quinoa-covered apron. let's hangout when i don't smell like vegan/gluten-free food."