You remember Max Payne, right? It was that film noir action game that Rockstar developed in between Grand Theft Auto sequels that introduced bullet time to gaming in the short time period between The Matrix making that sort of thing mind-blowingly cool and every single media property overusing the gimmick until it was a tired cliche.

That game is now available on the iPhone and iPad for only $3, and despite my reservations about how its made-for-PC control scheme would translate to devices that are completely devoid of useful buttons, it's fantastic. Actually, it looks and runs a bit better than it did in any of its previous incarnations, so once you get used to the control scheme's short learning curve, you'll be playing the best version of the game to date.

Plus, there's some part of the primal human brain that really gets off on diving through a door in slow motion, akimbo pistols blazing, like some kind of John Woo-directed wet dream. That's worth the cost of admission alone. All the hard-boiled noir detective stuff is just icing on a morally grey, hyper-violent cake.