Check out the comments on this Mitt Romney video's YouTube page, which are all about rumors of Mitt Romney masturbating on a Connecticut hotel balcony.

Does public masturbation make you feel like more of a man you sick son of a bitch?

masturbating on a hotel balcony? absolutely disgusting. this is what we do not need in the white house

i always knew he would be caught for public masturbation sooner or later

From a balcony? Your father would be disgusted, he was an hero and the voice of a generation.

Ok if the dude actually beat it in public why the fuck has no one reported it yet i call trolling.

It's important to note that these are just rumors posted in the comments on a YouTube video. Nobody has proof that Mitt Romney was caught masturbating on a Connecticut hotel balcony. Of course, nobody has any proof that Mitt Romney didn't get caught masturbating on a Connecticut hotel balcony, either. Many more comments after the jump.

Romney has yet to make any statement about allegations he was caught masturbating outside on his hotel balcony. If Romney were innocent, why wouldn't he speak out to clear his name?

Are you serious? You have to be a real scumbag to use your power to suppress the media. He needs to face the fact that he WAS CAUGHT MASTURBATING IN PUBLIC!

All we know right now is that he was standing naked on his balcony and performing lewd acts. We don't know for sure he was masturbating. We just don't have all the information.

The lamestream media ignores the issues that are facing our country like why was Mitt jerking off on a hotel balcony in Connecticut? WHY?

He's a busy guy and probably really stressed out, who cares if he faps in public as long as he can do a good job with the economy. Fapping on a balcony is his business, get over it