In this week's Sold Out column I write about acclaimed Portland jewelry artist Hazel Cox, who, after a bit of a dry spell event-wise, is holding a two-day trunk show of her latest work, beginning with an opening reception (with drinks, and handmade truffles for purchasers) this evening at OKO. For an artist of any sort to say they are inspired by "nature" is the most typical thing in the world, but Cox is never that simple, drawing specifically on the work of deep sea creatures and a long dead biologist's collection of amazing drawings. She's one of those artists whose pieces, however visual they may be, are, when you actually tease open their origins, can be a gateway into discovering fascinating new things that have nothing to do with the world of fashion, like the shift in metal content over the course of the US penny's existence or a little-known animated documentary film. OKO Gallery is located at 2774 NW Thurman, and the reception runs from 5-9 tonight and 11 am-6 pm tomorrow.