So... remember how I told ya'll about that birthday thing for Packy at the Oregon Historical Society a while back?
Apparently that was just a pregaming for the real thing - which is Packy's 50th Birthday Party and Parade this Saturday at the Oregon Zoo (4001 SW Canyon Rd).

I grew up in Portland, so I learned early what a big deal Packy is... but in case you didn't, he's the first elephant to be born in captivity in the Western Hemisphere in 44 years. And as of Saturday he's half a century old. And still really, really cute.

There will be cake for you, and better yet, there will be cake for Packy. And you can WATCH HIM EAT IT. A really old and cute elephant eating cake... this is something you can take your grandchildren to/tell your grandchildren about some day.

Festivities will kick off at 10 am, cake is served at noon, and you get to watch Packy chow down at 2 pm. Brownie points and $3 off admission for getting there on the MAX (save your ticket).


Packys 1st Birthday. Oh my god, look how cute.
  • Christina Christensen
  • Packy's 1st Birthday. Oh my god, look how cute.