It was a little after 6pm when I stopped by PICA's new space (415 SW 10th), and the night's festivities were already well underway. So many pretty people to look at. So much schmoozing happening!

The event which was one part opening reception for artist Glen Fogel's installation, My Apocalyptic Moment, and one part open house for the space, felt like a culmination of hard work for PICA. At last a space to call their own, and an environment to work on arts programming that wasn't strictly for TBA.

The space itself will be serving as both PICA's headquarters as well as a venue/gallery for the organization to host and curate material throughout the year. Organizers seemed invigorated (or exhausted depending on who you talked to) and happy to have home that was out of the shadow the former office space hosted in the Widen & Kennedy Building.

Hit the jump for some more pictures and to see a glimpse of Glen Fogel's installation that is up now through June 30th.




Fogels Installation
  • Fogel's Installation

Fogels Installation cont.
  • Fogel's Installation cont.