Again with the raging laugh headache. My dance card was pretty full last night, so I didn't make it to a goodly amount of shows at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest, the main one being the Persona show at the Mt. Tabor Theater. Filled with comedians like Maria Bamford, Matt Besser, and Aparna Nancherla doing characters, it was a mostly fun grab bag. Kurt Braunohler, again, stole the show with his wordless impression of a bird, dragging an audience member (probably a plant) onto the stage to play a fellow fowl, feeding her gummi worms from his pocket and encouraging her to feed him like a baby bird. She eventually put a chewed-up worm in his mouth, only to have him erupt in anger, "WHAT THE FUCK, YOU SICKO." Bluster, then storm off stage. It was a fantastic bit, and it probably should have closed the night instead of the limp performance that ended the show. Maria Bamford was funny, but she's so much funnier with her long-form set where she does a bazillion characters, like her mom, sister, pugs, and uptight rich bitch. Aparna Nancherla played an adorable sleeping girl who was awoken by a pot-bellied water buffalo monster (I think that was Tony Sam under that mask), which was pretty funny. Although my companion noted that jokes about raping little boys are never funny.

Other Bridgetown ephemera: I caught a polarizing set from Emmett Montgomery at the Mt. Tabor Lounge, where he interacted with an animated character on the movie screen, named Sweetpea. This gelatinous blob was a mix between Weird Science's Chet, Jabba the Hutt, and Sloth, with blinking eyes, nipples, and groaning blurbling. Sweetpea was a hot mess, and Montgomery nailed the offbeat set. Over at the late-night Tanker stage, some entitled passive-aggressive Portland type tried to get me to move from a bar stool she'd occupied 30 minutes prior, while James Adomian (as the tights-wearing Sheriff of Nottingham) made it very, very hard for Bridgetown comedians to follow his act. Then Brody Stevens AND James Adomian together made it near impossible. Shit was tight.

Anyone catch Doug Benson's Movie Interruption screening of Con Air last night at the Hollywood?