A dozen Secret Service agents—bored while waiting for their boss to show up in Colombia—decided to pass the time in the company of prostitutes. Which is legal. There. Not here. And now they've all been recalled on charges of misconduct.

Nigeria's finance minister is out to snuff the vestiges of Belle Époque imperialism (and the Pax Americana!)—launching a social-media-fueled bid to take over as World Bank president.

Iran is holding polite talks with the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (plus Germany!) over its nuclear ambitions.

The UN will also send "monitors" to "monitor" how often Syria's government violates the terms of a cease-fire in its relentless quest to massacre protesters and rebels.

Court documents from a blown FBI terrorism sting offer a rare, detailed window into a controversial law enforcement tactic.

A whistleblower within the US military defies his superiors and tells the truth about the ongoing disaster better known as America's occupation of Afghanistan.

Willard Romney tells a roomful of gun owners that Barack Obama has embarked upon "an assault on our freedoms." The NRA still doesn't like the effete millionaire and onetime champion of government health care. But? "There is no other choice but Romney," said Jim Greger, 74, an Illinois retiree. "I would vote for Donald Duck before I'd vote for Obama."

Oh, and Rick Santorum signed up his ailing, disabled 3-year-old for a lifetime membership.

Remember Andrew Breitbart? Read a lot of words about how he managed to be a savagely effective asshole.

The Army has a way of handling rape victims: "You're crazy. Now go away."

At Lloyd Center, teenagers descended on Nordstrom for a flash mob, and then robbed the living shit out of the place before fleeing. A similar thing happened at a Southeast gas station last weekend.

In development news, a deal to save Washington High School is at hand. But the old Powell's Technical Books store, with one of Portland's oldest freight elevators, is going to make way for a bike-friendly, seven-floor apartment tower.

Say "guten tag" to Washington DC's newest lobbyist. He promises "voters will see Swastikas on the ballot."

Love at a Megadeth show
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