Oftentimes watching a podcast is about as riveting as it sounds. While making a non-live radio show visually interesting is beyond difficult, Who Charted? did a damn fine job yesterday. The popular podcast featuring Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack filled the Bagdad, and they added punch to a panel format with watermelon and monkey pinata-smashing with guest Brett Gelman and some tambourine positive-energy encouragement from the ever-present Brody Stevens. The crew ended the show with a song from Kremer's rapping alter ego Dragon Boy Suede hoping to jump start a dance party—which did not gel with the Saturday afternoon (mostly hungover) audience.

This is where we flash forward in the day while I attend an AMAZEBALLS roller derby game at Memorial Coliseum. (Look for a recap of that barn burner this week—but Portland's Rose City Rollers came from behind Chicago's Windy City in the last minute of the game to win it by three points. It was incredible.)

The late-night show at the Eagles Lodge was the most consistent show I've seen at 2012's Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Not a stinker in the bunch. Prashanth Venkataramanujam had a scathing, spot-on set about how Americans waste water (insisting on peeing into perfectly potable toilet water and slathering water over a yellow tarp so fat children can slide around on lawns during the summer). Then he went to work on the absurdity of bearing children. It killed. You know who else killed? Everyone: Nick Rutherford with his Brazilian wax story, Mike Bridenstine with an audience-transfixing tale of cocaine and bull fighting, and my favorite, Portlander Kristine Levine. I've never seen Levine before and that is a dirty shame, she's awesome. She railed on and extolled the virtues of her moon-faced overweight kids, sipping from an airplane bottle of red wine, explaining why she wasn't concerned about neighborhood pedophiles. I could not have laughed harder.

Still tons of awesome-sounding shows this afternoon and tonight—power up with brunch!