Take two minutes to watch the last jam from our purple-clad Rose City Rollers. Start at the 1:19:45 mark. You will not regret it.

Saturday's Rose City Rollers vs. Windy City Rollers game was INCREDIBLE! The last two minutes were the most exciting end-game of roller derby I've ever seen. Portland's all-star team the Wheels of Justice were missing petite monster-scorer SoulFearic Acid, and they seemed to be suffering for it, playing scoreboard tag with Chicago in the first half. Rose City spent the second half of the game under Chicago's thumb—down by a substantial 38 points, at one point. With four minutes to go, Rose City's super-talented jammer Scald Eagle (SCREEEEE!) made it an 11-point game (Windy City 122, Rose City 111)—only to be sent to the penalty box—which left the track open for Chicago to score points in the next jam. Chicago's Jackie Daniels dodged around Portland's hard-blocking defenses to score 8 points while Scald was grounded, making the score Windy 130, Rose City 111.

2:33 minutes left: It does not look rosy for Portland—it's hella difficult to score 20 points, even without battling the tough gals of Chicago, in the last two minutes of a roller derby game.
1:46 minutes left: Portland's White Flight picks up 2 points, 0 for Windy. An air of defeat is wafting off some of the fans. Windy 130, Rose 113.
Final Jam: Scald Eagle is at the jammer line against Windy City's Jackie Daniels. Scald Eagle gets lead jammer, right around the same time Jackie Daniels gets a penalty sending her to the box. Power jam for high-flying Scald! With 1:14 minutes left in the jam, Scald Eagle scores FIVE points, juking around Windy City with ease! FIVE MORE POINTS for Scald with 1:02 to go—now we're only down by 7 points. She scoops up another five! Three more lousy points and we win this thing! Then Windy City hits Scald hard, stopping her momentum. Only 37 more seconds in the jam and she's got to get three more points. With a push and a roar of the crowd, Scald passes the pack one last ever-loving time to take the lead with less than 15 seconds on the jam clock for the WIN!

FINAL: Rose City 133, Windy 130. Someone needs to make a velvet rug with Scald Eagle crying a single tear in victory.

You can check out Fun Frank Lavelle's photos of the game over here.