Lots like this in the mailbag:

I honestly had never heard of you before your show on MTV. It is pretty sad actually. Now that I have heard of you I have started listening to your podcasts. I love them. My girlfriend and I have started listening from the very beginning and in Savage Lovecast #4 you said that you would never be on TV because you say fuck to much and now the only reason that I know about you is because you're on TV! I just have to say that I love your podcasts and your show and I'm sure I will wind up reading your column some time soon. Keep doing awesome work.

Speaking of fuck: I am saying "fuck" on television... but MTV is bleeping it out, along with "dick," "tits," because there are some words you're not allowed to say on television. (Even after all these fucking years!) A few folks have written to tell me that they have occasionally missed a point I was trying to make due to an "annoying bleep." Trust me on this, "Savage U" viewers: the bleeps are a whole lot less annoying than the word substitutions suggested by my new friends in the standards-and-practices department at MTV. (Would you rather put up with the occasional bleeped-out "tits" or would you rather hear the phrase "sweater puppies" pass from my lips? I thought so.)

And to anyone confounded or confused by the bleeps: you can get real-time, as-it-happens, de-bleeped transcripts of any bleeped words delivered directly to your brain by following me on Twitter while you watch "Savage U." Every fucking last fucking bleeped fucking word gets the fucking shit tweeted out of it at @fakedansavage.

And tonight's episode of "Savage U" airs at 11:30 PM, a half an hour later than usual. Please make a note of it!