Posting animated videos is just my style today, because here's another cool animated clip—this time from Horse Feathers, and their sterling new record Cynic's New Year, which I think has quickly become my favorite Horse Feathers record so far. The record came out yesterday on Kill Rock Stars, and there's a release party this Saturday night, April 21, at the Aladdin Theater. The word is that it'll be, in keeping with the album title, a cynical new year's party, complete with black noisemakers and balloons.

The video for "Where I'll Be" premiered on Monday on IFC, and you can take a look here. It was directed by Brian Danielson, who says:

"[It was] based partly on the Album cover itself, old silent projection films and the region of the Pacific Northwest. I focused on the concept of distance between places, and the idea of space or time as a barrier, both physically and emotionally. Like the song, I wanted to create visuals that played more like phrases of a poem.”
It's a positively lovely video, both timelessly austere and playful, particularly when the band turns up, peeking through a cabin window or huddled in the forest.