So to quickly catch you up, the Arrested Development movie is OFF, and a rebooted Arrested Development series is ON—and Netflix is planning on releasing them in a very interesting way... From EW:

Netflix plans to release all 10 episodes of the rebooted new season of Arrested Development at once.

The Bluth family’s latest adventures will begin streaming on the video service on the same day sometime next year, Netflix chief Ted Sarandos told reporters at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Sarandos refused to confirm this plan a couple months ago after the service’s first series, Lilyhammer, dropped all its episodes at the same time. But industry sources say Netflix has always planned to use the full-season release strategy as a way to differentiate itself from traditional TV outlets.

First of all, YAYYY! Second of all, HMMMMM. How do YOU feel about this shotgun, simultaneous drop of an entire season's episodes? Is it just another wonderful convenience ladled on top of this "Age of Convenience"? Or will you miss the community of everyone watching an episode together, talking about it, and biting their nails in anticipation of next week? ANSWER ME!!