It's no secret we adore Pure Bathing Culture, the new band from Sarah Versprille and Dan Hindman, who've quickly accumulated word of mouth as one of the best new bands in town. If you've seen 'em, you likely agree, and their super-chorus-processed, analog-synth, '80s vibe is perhaps the first thing you'll notice about their sound, but the songs underneath it all remain striking on their own.

As proof, here's a video of Pure Bathing Culture in a very different guise: Stripped down and acoustic, with Hindman on a 12-string Martin that belongs to Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold. This strummy version of the exquisite "Ivory Coast"—which sounds very different in its recorded form—reveals a side to the group we haven't seen before. It's just as lovely, and this performance, captured for Eugene's Natural Beardy by Emilee Booher and Dylan Macnab, is exceptional.

Pure Bathing Culture's debut EP comes out May 22, and they play tonight at Holocene as part of Tin House's Science Fair.