Now that roller derby is firmly established in Portland culture, another female sport is poised to capture the imagination of this brawling town: RAW (Rose City Arm Wrestling) is an all-female group combining arm wrestling, improv comedy, and fundraising for non-profits—sounds like WWE from the waist up. They're part of a growing national culture of "theatrical ladies arm wrestling leagues," and the inaugural event is coming up on May 6 at The Fez:

Show up prepared to bet on your favorite wrestler. Personalities, er wrasslers, to be announced as the event draws near. If she loses, you don't have to tolerate it! The ref takes bribes. If cheating isn't involved, somebody isn't doing their job. Oh loosen up, it's for charity. Whatever it takes to get your money. Being prepared means bring CASH - cold hard money baby!! $10 at the door gets you 10 RAW bucks to bet. Didn't use it so wisely? You will be able to buy more - use it to bet, bribe and stuff in people's bras if that's the collection method of the moment. Full service bar available and encouraged. Event is highly visible with our 360 degree stage and two projection screens.

Sooo, sounds like a lot of chaos intended to get people to hurl money willy nilly, so it's lucky there's a good cause: the Bradley Angle House, the first in what seems to be a series of events with rotating beneficiaries. There's a documentary being made about the whole scene:

Yep, should be a hit in this town.