In what may go down as the first bleep in official-team-video history, Timbers owner Merritt Paulson addressed the media today at his team's new $6 million practice facility in Beaverton. And he didn't exactly tap the brakes when asked about his take on instant replay, bringing his answer back to a pair of crucial calls during Portland's 3-1 loss at LA. Skip to 1:24 to hear the question (context!) and Paulson's 30-second, single-F-bomb answer.

I respect Paulson's passion, and it's hard not to appreciate an owner who, on at least one level, can feel the fans' frustrations. With the prerequisite to major-league ownership being stinking-filthy-richdom, supporters and owners will almost never share net worth, but they can certainly share a similar desire to bring home trophies and subsequent glory.

And you can tell by the look in Paulson's eyes when he slips that vulgarity into an already-awesome phrase, the fire is there. Oh, but can his team match that intensity at home this weekend—especially during the last 10 minutes of the match? You better fuckin' believe Paulson thinks so.