Horse Feathers

This week's super-sized music section is so jam-packed, you won't have time to read about how the Tupac hologram wasn't really a hologram, but actually a completely invented CGI creation (just like Jar Jar!) that was projected using some seriously old-school 19th-century stagecraft trickery. There, now don't you feel better?

With record number four, Horse Feathers have released their best album yet—and they did it without the help of a CGI Tupac.

Horse Feathers - "Fit Against the Country"

The Mean Jeans make the partiest punk of all timez, grown out of their obsessions with Jägermeister, Applebee's, and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

Mean Jeans - "Hangin' Tuff"

Those Portland record releases just keep on comin', and Y La Bamba's much-anticipated second record was borne out of a drum lesson that turned into a sake binge.

Y La Bamba - "Bendito"

Damien Jurado's exquisite new Maraqopa album was based on a dream he had, about a stranger who rolls into a small town in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like the beginning of a great western.

Damien Jurado - "Museum of Flight"

Satanic Dutch band the Devil's Blood were too busy smearing their walls with their own blood (this is true, they do this) to talk to us for an interview. Priorities, priorities.

The Devil's Blood - "Die the Death"

Three brothers from the Blue Ridge Mountains make the weird freaky psych that is Pontiak. They're a lot more normal than they sound.

Pontiak - "Lions of Least"