Thanks to the internet and, most recently, the controversial documentary Bully, the issue of school bullying has elbowed its way into the national spotlight. And local. The Multnomah Youth Commission, the "official youth policy body" for the city and county, is putting on a first-of-its-kind conference in Portland this weekend: the Rob Ingram Youth Summit Against Violence.

This comes on the heels of MYC's new Youth Against Violence Committee, formed in response to the growing local violence directed towards youth "in the forms of gang, anti-gay and gender, home, school, police, sexual/dating, and cyber-bullying."

The Saturday event starts off with a youth-only portion—asking local kids/teens to get together and brainstorm policy recommendations to later present to local policy makers. Later in the afternoon, invited elected officials (Mayor Sam Adams, Multnomah Board of Commissioners Chair Jeff Cogen and Police Chief Mike Reese) will meet with the 21 and under group to hear their stories and understand how they, and other adults in the community, can help combat youth violence and bullying. Interesting to see what will come from this.