Sure, I was in on the "Betty White" thing, too. In fact, the Mercury happily hopped on the White bandwagon with this (still kinda awesome, I must say) cover from 2010. HOWEVER! Now this monster the internet created is threatening to devour everything we love. Betty White's new senior citizen prank show Off Their Rockers is doing well for NBC. How well? IT'S MURDERING YOUR FAVORITE THURSDAY NIGHT COMEDIES. Here are the total number of viewers, according to WaPo:

-“Off Their Rockers” — 5.98 million

-“The Office” — 4.31 million

-“Parks & Recreation” — 3.53 million

-“30 Rock” — 3.16 million

-“Community” — 2.91 million

See that? Last week, Off Their Rockers nearly had as many viewers as 30 Rock and Community COMBINED. You created her, internet... now it's up to you to DESTROY HER.

Destroy her, my internet... DESTROY HER!!!