We get a lot of emails from publicists pushing everything from recording artists to authors to booze to anal beads—most are not worthy of your attention. HOWEVER! The following publicist email regarding motivational author Andrew Sobel caught my eye:

Im the YOU of my market.
  • "I'm the YOU of my market."
Are You the George Clooney of Your Market?

Hoboken, NJ (April 2012)—“Get me Will Smith!” “We need Sandra Bullock!” “Call George Clooney!”

These mega-stars are known throughout the world. Fans love them for their big personalities and their blockbuster movies, but in Hollywood, they’re known for the cha-ching! sound studio executives and investors hear whenever they’re cast in a new film. In the movie industry, the Will Smiths, Sandra Bullocks, and George Clooneys of the world are known as “Bankable Stars,” a term used to describe an actor who can give investors utter confidence that they will achieve a return on their money by ensuring a large box-office draw. They are rare, highly sought after, and earn the highest fees in the industry.

The truth is there are Bankable Stars in almost every industry, notes Andrew Sobel. And when you can become the George Clooney of your market, it will be great for business.

Sobel's book is called Power Questions, and I have absolutely zero need for it. Why? Because I'm already the "George Clooney of my Market!" (Actually, I may be the "Sandra Bullock of my Market" because I am a sweetheart, and have a tiny mustache.) But chill out, guys! We can't all be the "George Clooneys of our Markets." For example, music editor Ned Lannamannaman is the "Gary Busey of his Market," fashion editor Marjorie Skinner is the "Hormel Chili of her Market" and film critic Erik Henriksen is the "Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) of his Market." WHAT ARE YOU IN YOUR MARKET? Let's find out with another Blogtown Poll (AKA "the Most Useless Poll in its Market).