In Trouble: A total of 24 people (a mix of Secret Service and military members) have now been pinned to the Colombia prostitution scandal. Six have resigned—so far.

Moby Dick Lives: Scientists spot what may be the first all-white killer whale off the coast of eastern Russia. WHAT.

Whoops: The KONY 2012 campaign's weekend "Cover the Night" event leads to the defacing of a Boston massacre monument.

Promise!: Venezuelan prez Chavez calls a national TV station to let them know he's not dead.

Space Gold: James Cameron and Google chief execs back the idea of mining asteroids for platinum and gold.

Words That Shouldn't Exist: Following the results of Twitter questionnaire, the New Yorker decides that the word "moist" should be booted from the English language. Moist moist moist moist—yep, they're right.

DO IT: It's the last day to register to vote in the May election! Sign up here, if you haven't already.

School Shutdown: The Portland school board voted last night to close both Harriet Tubman and Humboldt schools at the end of this school year, triggering tears and frustration.

Zipped Down: Google praises the zipper invention with another crazy doodle.

People That Exist: This guy.