For those of you without the HBO—poor, pitiful creatures... here, let me throw you a half eaten hot dog—the series premiere of Veep (starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was much funnier than I imagined, which makes this show yet another addition to my already crammed Sunday night. Julia plays Vice President Selina Meyer—a former powerful Senator whose failed run for the presidency got her the least powerful job in government, the vice presidency. Saddled with an incompetent staff (including Tony Hale and Anna Chlumsky… SQUEEEEE!!! Remember her???), Meyer puts up a hilarious, and petty fight to remain relevant. The show moves fast, the jokes ring true, and Julia Louis has never been better. It's like Arrested Development meets The West Wing!

Happily HBO has decided to release last Sunday's episode on YouTube, so run out, grab a sandwich for lunch, and WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE OF VEEP HERE! You will like it.

  • Bill Gray/HBO