For Shame: TSA employees at LAX airport are caught being bribed to look the other way when a group of narcotics traffickers pass through their aisle.

Sex, Solved: A surgeon claims he has found the official G-Spot organ. It's proven debatable.

Fern Gully, Assemble: A potentially detrimental bill passes in Brazil, easing rules on how much land each farmer must preserve as forest.

Together at Last: Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon team up to form a largely unexciting friendship.

He's Human: The celibate Dalai Lama tells Piers Morgan that "Oh, yes" he is tempted by women. Shucks.

Teens do the Darnedest Things: Those hoodlums are now apparently downing hand sanitizer for a buzz. Purell me, bro.

Today in Terrible News: Bombs zero in on two Nigerian newspaper offices, destroying the buildings and killing journalists.

Today in Joyful News: That adorable dog that boarded a TriMet bus without a collar reunites with her owner.

EXTREME: A free-runner "engaged in an extreme sport called Parkour" misses his mark on the Steel Bridge and falls into the Willamette. A fisherman pulls him out.

Finally: The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" cover you've been waiting for.