The Portland Liberation Organizing Council (PLOC) announced their group's intention to hold a May 1 demonstration today at a press conference held outside of a North Portland foreclosed home. The May Day rally aims to speak out against corporate banks' power over local foreclosed homes.

Starting with a 9 AM march, the event will end up at a currently undisclosed area where they plan on some kind of "land liberation action" to reclaim the land—speakers hinted towards turning a empty home into a community center, a family house or a community garden—and come to a close with a community block party. "This is going to be a festive, celebrating action," said PLOC's Isobel Charle at today's meeting.

While PLOC has not requested any permits from the city—or spoken to the city at all on this rally—its organizer, Taran Connelly said that the community where they plan on marching to is in full solidarity with their effort.

Despite the members' clear background with Occupy Portland, nothing in their press release or statements alluded to the connection. However, Occupy also has May Day plans of its own in store. PLOC speakers hinted that the May 1 movement may turn into an occupation.

Charle framed this demonstration as the second wave of Occupy, quoting Mayor Sam Adams' November comments in response to the movement: "It is my sincere hope that the movement, with its focus on widespread economic inequity, will flourish in its next phase."

"That phase is here, Sam, we call on you to support the movement by restraining your police force as we take positive action to remedy social injustice," said Charle.

"On May Day," she said, "it begins."