Psychic Feline

Another week, another Mercury music section to give you inky fingerprints as you learn that even the most famous hunter in America sometimes can't follow the rules. Jeers to you, pesky hunting laws!

Local band Psychic Feline throw a lot of material away. That leaves behind a tightly compact repertoire of excellent, razor-sharp psychedelic garage rock, including their stellar new 7-inch.

Psychic Feline - "White Walls"

He's only 30, but Ben Kweller's been doing this long enough that he doesn't need to give a shit.

Ben Kweller - "Jealous Girl"

What do metal bands have in common with nerd-folkers the Doubleclicks? Why, songs about Dungeons & Dragons, of course.

The Doubleclicks - "This Fantasy World"

It took 10 months, but Washed Out's Within and Without attached itself to our writer like a remora.

Washed Out - "Amor Fati"

And enough Up & Coming shows to make a sundae.