If you're not following the Portland Mercury's Food and Drink Twitter account, you've probably been away for a few months without a phone or any contact with civilization or, y'know, living under a rock. Which we totally understand. But here's your chance... The Oregon Artisan Spirit Tasting is coming to the World Trade Center (121 SW Salmon St, 2WTC) this weekend, and if you can't/won't/shouldn't go, I've totally got your back. I'll be tweeting live photos and updates this Saturday afternoon (the event runs 3-9 both days) so you can see if it's worth the $40-49 to go Sunday, or you can just watch my photography get progressively worse as I work my way down the line of offerings curated and/or mixed by the Oregon Distillers Guild. Check out @pdxmercfd and watch the lens focus fade as my blood alcohol content rises.

Seriously though, TOAST is the largest public tasting of artisan spirits in our continent. There will be over 50 distilleries from our fair city and beyond pouring almost the full spectrum of spirits. Do me a favor, Blogtown—if I stop tweeting for over an hour, call 911.

See you there!