These people... are... THE WORST!!!!

My girlfriend and I appreciate the opportunity to share oral moments and some subsequent mind blowing seat - sex in your back row in a 100% EMPTY theatre. (Maybe try some new marketing techniques, we understood we were the only paying customers.) We also understand expressing our love for over 20 minutes, before you pervy staff, came in and finally decided it wasn't ok to have sex, since they couldn't get a clear view on their camera any longer. Yes, a camera. Literally said "We got it on camera, and umm.. you guys gotta go."

Dude, those theater workers weren't offended by your nasty sex—you were stinkin' the joint up with patchouli! GAAAAAA-ross. Read the rest here, and then make fun of them in the comments. Afterwards, take a shower. Then submit your own I, Anonymous here!