I know that many of you were out doing cool people things last night and can’t talk to me about television yet. Screw you guys. This post is dedicated to the introverts and the couch potatoes. Reading about television in a timely manner makes us better than social butterflies.

Anyways. Hoooooooly crap, a lot of excellent things happened during last night’s Thursday shows! Read on, friends.



DUN DUN Dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnn....
  • DUN DUN Dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnn....

I loved this. I didn’t think that it was the funniest, or cleverest, but it was art. And, even for being highly stylized, it was probably the most accessible episode of Community in months. I’ve spent hungover weekends mainlining both of these shows, and the combination worked beautifully. The yam plot device was weird because I had no idea that yams could grow in jars (why would you do that??) but assuming that is a real thing that happens, the story rocked. Troy and Abed nailed it as quippy detectives, and I am SO RELIEVED they are being real bros again. I loved that Britta’s only forensics skill was making things sepia-toned. AND! Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar from The Wire) came back as Professor Kane and actually said “a man’s got to have a code." And I died.


Whoa, Starburns got blown up by his mobile meth lab! That really surprised me! Even though this episode was absolute art, it was pretty predictable, EXCEPT FOR THE PART WHERE STARBURNS DIED!!!

Then it was over. Will there be fallout? Will people mourn? I kind of doubt it because Starburns seemed like kind of a jerk, and he stole backpacks AND cooked meth, but there will surely be some sort of aftermath, right? PREDICT THINGS!

30 Rock

A live episode! I don’t remember much from the last time they did this, but JFC this was hilarious. The guest stars were off the chain. It was hard to tell if I was laughing at guest stars showing up unexpectedly or actual jokes, but whatever, it was great television.

Anybody else notice how much Alec Baldwin relied on his cue cards? For such a celebrated SNL host, he seemed stressed out. And he couldn’t keep a straight face! He and the actress who plays Sue seemed to be choking down laughs every time the camera came back from one of those flashback bits, especially for Jon Hamm’s cameo. That was a pretty fucking nuts bit he did, though. I laughed hard.

The east coast got a few different gags (and they didn’t have to deal with a freaking Kardashian, those lucky bastards) and I’m looking forward to watching that version tonight. Party!

The Office

Remember how at the end of that live episode of 30 Rock Tina Fey yells at everybody to tune in to Parks and Recreation, but she doesn’t mention The Office? Well, I do what Tina says.

Parks and Recreation

The big city council debate is finally here. Leslie is again baffled by the idiotic displays of Bobby Newport (Paul “panting sounds” Rudd), who gives amazing sound bites like “I guess my thoughts on abortion are…you know, let’s all just have a good time.” Also! Look, it’s Buddy Garrity! Even though he is portraying a gun dealer with a goatee, he is STILL more likeable than Buddy. I’m glad Leslie is able to keep it together by the end. Now I think she’s gonna win. That is my opinion of the week.

However, the star of last night’s episode was not Leslie. It was Andy, by a mile. His dramatic reenactment of Roadhouse for a crowded political gathering was probably the best thing he has ever done. Bonus points for the story about investing in used t-shirts and then losing them at a Wendy’s. And for this:

Catch your dreams.
  • Catch your dreams.

Overall I don’t think it was that crazy-awesome of an episode — Leslie is more fun when she’s being weird — but a good one. We’re set up nicely for the election and then (sob) for the season to wind up.

Sigh. It was a really good night.