Webcomics at Stumptown


My friend Dave is doing something with that this weekend. I'd love to go, but I'm crazy busy.
Sack up, FC! If not for me, at the very least for Dave.
..and a completely shameless plug for my friend and Portland resident Molly's comic "Lay of the Lacrymer" at booth B19. The comic is as she says, "a tale of biscuits, tears, and finding the dead." http://layofthelacrymer.com/
**A Wild Fruit Cup Appears**

Fruit Cup Casts "Moving"

Fruit Cup Has to Pack!

Fruit Cup Flees!

**Victory Music! You earn 0 Experience Points**

((I'd honestly love to, but I really need to pack (and watch the Timbers game). Also, TOAST is this weekend. If I get away for anything, it will be for TOAST. Though I kind of hate that I'm missing Stumptown for another year. I'll make it if I can.))
some guys can draw but are not funny at all. other guys are funny but can't drawn for shit.

I'm still looking for a comic that caters to the unemployed, disenchanted 20-30 something year olds out there like myself, with a chill Batman-like superhero who tags the names of his enemies on billboards before vanquishing them.