Armed to their knickers. Londoners will be able to sleep tight knowing their rooftops might soon be protected by missiles.

Emergency! Sudan declares a border emergency amid clashes with its new neighbor, South Sudan. Boy, that didn’t take long.

Healthcare spending has lowered. But don’t get too excited. The drop is probably due to the shitty economy, or maybe not.

Speaking of recession. Britain is in one again, and could be for a while.


iTax Pro. As part of its continued fall from counter-culture grace, Apple has shown how it too saves millions (billions?) by avoiding taxation.

In other tech news…

When drones attack. Pakistan intelligence officers say a US drone has killed three in a strike in the country’s northwest region. Take that Pakistan’s parliament!

Bahrain is still torturing. According to Human Rights Watch, the country's police haven't stopped torturing dissidents since the popular uprisings last year.

Canucked. Last night, Montreal beat the Timbers 2 to 0.

In other Portland news…

As of 9:50 a.m. this morning, Portland cops are responding to a man who barricaded himself in his apartment on Southeast Stark.

In entertainment news…

Hobbit falls short? After seeing 10 minutes of Peter Jackson’s new film, a Las Vegas audience said the Hobbit was uncinematic. Jackson shot the movie with twice as many frames per second as the industry average. So was it just info-overload? Let’s hope so.

And for those that prefer low bit to high def, President Obama’s funniest jokes from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s uncinematic, but in a way you’re used to.