The Portland group Golden Retriever is made up of bass clarinetist Jonathan Sielaff, synth player Matt Carlson, and these lovable scamps, and they're releasing their new record on the venerable Thrill Jockey label on July 24. It's called Occupied with the Unspoken (that's the cover up there), and it contains four compositions of their striking, unique sound. The press release tells us more:
Golden Retriever create polyphonic music from monophonic instruments. The bass clarinet and the analog modular synthesizer are generally both capable of playing only one note at a time. Starting from this point of pure melody, Golden Retriever then find ways to turn melody into harmony... to make live electronic music that is remarkably rich in textural details and almost symphonic in its use of layering.

Recorded live, but then heavily edited in Carlson’s basement studio... the four songs presented here were typically performed as 25 or 30 minutes pieces. For the album, the songs were distilled into shorter passages where the original structure remains, but each section within the overall song has been shortened.

We're looking forward to the new album's release later this summer; in the meantime, Golden Retriever are scheduled to play on June 14 at the Know.