Tomorrow, May 1, a variety of local groups have thrown together rallies/events each with slightly different focuses. Unfortunately, none of them involve a maypole. Here's a handy rundown of what's planned—whether you want to join in, gawk at or avoid the commotion. Stay turned for the Mercury's blog coverage tomorrow.

WHAT: Student Strike
WHEN: 7:30 am
WHERE: 501 N Dixon
WHY: Portland Public School teachers, parents and high school students rally against harmful school budget cuts at the PPS headquarters in North Portland. Their goal? To shutdown the headquarters whilst cutting class.

WHAT: Land Liberation Action
WHEN: 9 am
WHERE: Woodlawn Park at NE Dekum
WHY: Led by the Portland Liberation Organizing Council (a vein of Occupy), this movement aims to reclaim a bank-owned piece of land in protest of national and local foreclosures. Block party to follow.

WHAT: General Strike
WHEN: 11:30 am
WHERE: Under the West Burnside Bridge
WHY: In conjunction with the national Occupy movement, this unpermitted rally and march hopes to be the second rising of the Occupy movement. Here's Occupy's guide to how to get out of work or class.

WHAT: International Workers Day Rally
WHEN: 2 pm
WHERE: Park blocks, SW Park and SW Salmon
WHY: The only permitted May Day rally, this event is both a celebration of local and international workers and a rally to demand worker's rights (in regards to pay cuts, child care/contraception access, immigrant freedoms). A "family friendly" event, the group intends to march to the main government headquarters downtown and then reconverge for music, celebration, and a roaming dance party.