You think you're sick of visiting distant relatives and all they can talk about is Portlandia? You're not alone! Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld is fed up with everyone talking about The Wire (the extremely popular HBO crime drama based in his hometown) and wishes that everyone would just shut up about, and I quote, that "stupid show." From North Baltimore Patch:

The commissioner criticized the show because he said it painted a picture of the city as "doomed." He said the city’s reduced crime figures and new strategies are proof that the show's portrayal of Baltimore isn’t accurate.

He also complained that when traveling abroad the only thing people would ask him about would be the city's homicides and "The Wire."

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Bealefeld showed his contempt for the show by refusing to use its name and referring to it as "that stupid show" or "that show."

For those thinking that our disdain for Portlandia is as misguided as Bealefeld's disdain for The Wire, there is one critical difference: The Wire is awesome and Portlandia stinks. However! I will follow in Bealefeld's footsteps by refusing to refer to Portlandia as anything but "that show."