HOLLYWOOD TFAW Not long for this world.
  • HOLLYWOOD TFAW Not long for this world.

Things from Another World—the retail arm of local comics publisher Dark Horse—is shutting down its NE Sandy location and opening up a new one on NE Broadway. The new spot's at 2916 NE Broadway, which, according to my hasty Google Maps search, means it'll be conveniently located next to some hair and nail salons and that depressing Fred Meyer that is one of the most godforsaken places in the world. To the press release!

Oregon-based comics and collectibles retailer Things From Another World (TFAW) is proud to announce the newest addition to its exciting family of stores at 2916 NE Broadway June 2 in Portland. The unveiling begins at 11 am, during which the community is invited to take a tour of TFAW's brand-new location and save 20 percent on everything in the store. The celebration will continue with an epic after-hours party from 7 to 10 pm featuring free food and beer (for guests 21+).

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The expansive new Portland TFAW will showcase a broader selection of merchandise, including nearly double the graphic novels of the Hollywood TFAW location, which will be closing. The Portland TFAW will also vastly increase its selection of statues, collectibles, gaming supplies, and more. Plus, the new location features a parking lot, making shopping at TFAW more convenient than ever.

In addition to comics—hell, probably more than comics—TFAW focuses on toys, t-shirts, and general nerdery supplies; if you ever wanted a mini She-Hulk statue or Game of Thrones-licensed playing cards (IN THE GAME OF GO FISH, YOU WIN OR YOU DIE), they're the spot to hit. Without having seen the space, I can't imagine this won't be a good move: Parking at the Hollywood location was a pain, and the store always felt cramped and dark. I look forward to checking out the new location, where I can finally fulfill my dream of getting both a pedicure and some sort of plastic crap with a Walking Dead logo on it in a single afternoon.