Someone was kind enough to share what looks like a memo sent to tenants of US Bancorp Tower about today's Occupy-related happenings, a memo shaped by feedback from the Portland Police Bureau. We're sharing the memo (pdf) with you.

The gist is that security guards will be ready to lock the skyscraper down—and that cops are worried about some kind of Occupy Portland reoccupation. (Which may or may not be happening. One such event is listed here as canceled.) Police officers (no doubt charged with reading Occupy's voluminous social media output) also "believe" that there might be a march starting at the Burnside Bridge. And there will be, later today. It's one of many May Day events, permitted or not.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) anticipates a number of protests. Currently the only permitted event is the 3:00 pm march that follows the route outlined in the below map. Portland Police expects Occupy Portland participants to make attempts to take over a public space/park and/or a vacant building or possibly a business. Occupy Portland has also signaled they will have an unpermitted march and Portland Police believes they will gather at Waterfront Park at noon for this event.

The Police Bureau will have a planned response and appropriate resources in place. Our security resources will play a key role in securing client facilities. Personnel will be deployed in locations that allow for enough time to lock doors prior to protestor arrival.

Should any of your staff be concerned about possible activity within or around the building, we
encourage them to call the security desk immediately at 503-XXX-XXXX.

But one of the more interesting parts of the memo is a map of potential downtown hotspots—places that have been visited in past demonstrations and might wind up drawing crowds of protesters again.