The adjunct spirit in question.
  • The adjunct spirit in question.

I never know who—or if—to thank for these packages. Barenjager, known to less-than-most as a German honey liqueur, sent in a sample bottle of their new Honey & Bourbon boozer. Though initial impressions bring to mind the nipple-searing tipple of a pertussic bosun, our friendly bartender Nick Keane worked some magic on the stuff one recent afternoon and came up with the following smartly-balanced cocktails. All on the five-person tasting panel found at least one favorite among the bunch, so if you have a bottle of this curious premium liqueur ($28.99 MSRP) kicking around, may this guiding light help your feet find the path. It is, as Nick succinctly put it, “definitely an adjunct and not a base spirit.”

Recipes and flavor sets after the jump.

I made these names up after the event. They were not “decided on.”

The Fremantle Public Art Fire.

The Fremantle Public Art Fire

1 oz Barenjager
3/4 oz Maker’s Mark
1 oz lemon juice
Three dashes bitters
Shake, strain over ice with soda to taste. This was the “all-dayer” of the bunch.

Your Mouth Plays the Chord of Your Body
  • Chris "Discussion Batch" Onstad
  • Your Mouth Plays the Chord of Your Body

Your Mouth Plays the Chord of Your Body
3/4 oz Barenjager
1 oz Campari
1/2 oz Smith & Cross rum
Three dashes orange bitters
Stir and strain, serve up with a twist. This was Nick’s take on a negroni.

At this point, the notes and ratios went out the window. Use these hastily-scrawled flavor combinations as good guidelines, but no more.

The Mexican Body Decision
Fresh jalapeño slice
And ? (call nick in the future)

Mr. Drinky-Drink
Served up on ice