Backing Off: Following months of anti-military rallies, Egypt's military vows to step down by July. Power would then be given to a civilian administration.

Violent News of the Day: Syrian forces raid an anti-government rally at a university, killing four and injuring 28.

She's Baaack: Remember Michele Bachmann? Remember her eyeballs? Well—she's officially endorsing her formal rival Mitt Romney.

Sweet Baby Barack: Old, beautifully written diary entries from Barack Obama's college girlfriend reveal his deep thoughts and eternal studliness.

Served: A 14-year-old girl delivers 25,000 signatures against unrealistic Photoshop techniques to Seventeen magazine.

Bros Booted: Snooty/smart Princeton University threatens any freshman who rushes for a fraternity with expulsion.

The Horror: This annoying group of moms is furious that JC Penney is running an ad with a lesbian couple.

Wonder Bird!: A lost parakeet in Tokyo tells the police its address.

By a Hair: According to a recent mayoral candidate poll, Charlie Hales is only slightly more popular than Jefferson Smith and Eileen Brady.

Here are California dogs in cars, unfortunately set to that OC song.