Curious Comedy Theater makes comedy. Improv, standup, sketch—you name it, they got it. A lot of their shows focus on improv, but once a year or so they do a show that's all scripted. And the current show, Sketch Party Bingo, is fan-freaking-tastic. It's been a bang-up month for comedy here in Portland, and because there was so much going on I wasn't able to get to Curious for this show sooner than last weekend. And I'm sorry it took so long, because there's only one weekend left to tell you all how excellent this show is and insist that you see it.

The sketches cover a really broad range of topics, and they're all consistently funny, well-constructed, and well-performed. A couple of standouts include Cash Cops, a spoof on Cash Cab that also features some totally random but delightful Rent references, and an incredibly well-produced video piece that plays on The American Experience TV show.

As they've done in a few shows before, Curious also mixes in arial arts, with performances from Night Flight's advanced students. It's a weird, improbable mix—but arial is awesome and the performers were great. So, you know, you roll with it.

If you like comedy, you'll like this show. So seriously, check it out. Not only do you get to see some great performances, you get to play Bingo for fabulous prizes. And who doesn't love fabulous prizes?