Today the I, Anonymous Blog thankfully puts aside the petty "You almost hit my bicycle, wah-wah" posts to address something serious.

On the outside I guess I look pretty ok. Relatively successful, lots of friends, outgoing and happy. On the inside I'm hollow and miserable. Yes, when I was standing over the kitchen sink with the knife I was thinking about using it to go up the road (not across the street, remember kids.)

You told me you thought I was too strong to do it. I guess I am. Or am too cowardly to really end it. I don't know. But what would have made it better is if you would have come to me, knowing I was unhappy.You left me alone.

Weirdly, the comments on this one—while not exactly "helpful"—are not entirely "unhelpful." Baby steps, people! Baby steps! Got a confession or rant? Deliver it straight from the mount: The I, Anonymous Blog!