Just a reminder for those of you who watch TV the old-fashioned way: The BBC's totes ah-may-zing Sherlock season two debuts on American PBS starting this Sunday, May 6 at 9 pm! I go on and on about it here in my TV column this week, but I really cannot recommend it enough. (The entire season is readily available online for you new-fangles.) This week's episode is "A Scandal in Belgravia" and not only wraps up last season's "explosive" cliffhanger, but also supplies the viewer with a generous sampling of nudity. (Don't screw this up, PBS!)

Speaking of nudity and Sherlock, this gives me a great opportunity to link to this hilarious, and frankly kind of hot, NSFW collection of Holmes and Watson erotic fan art. Here's a taste...

via OTO
  • via OTO

And trust me, it gets MUCH dirtier from there. Check it out!