This submission is from someone who thinks he's straight... but obviously isn't because all he sees in the world are people running around yelling, "I'M GAY! I'M GAY!" Here's a clip from his extremely gay (in a bad way) submission:

I don't go around, making every move simply because I'm straight. "I think I'll go to Fred Meyer's later, because I'M STRAIGHT", "Hmm, a movie sound good tonight, maybe I'll go, because I'M STRAIGHT", "Burgers sound delicious for lunch, I think I'll have one, because I'M STRAIGHT!" I don't live my life solely based on my sexuality and I certainly don't make it known at every opportunity.

You don't make it known because you're in the closet, ding-butt. WOW! Anyway, to everyone else: Do you have a rant or confession that will accidentally expose that you are actually that which you fear the most? Then by all means, submit it to the I, Anonymous Blog! As you can see, we accept just about anything.