Protesting Putin. As Vladimir Putin gears up for his third (official) term as Russian president, protestors are like, “really, this guy again?”

In Syria, rebels and President Bashar al-Assad continue to go at it as elections near.

As the European Union struggles with its debt crisis, the sleeping giant called democracy awakens as France and Greece go to the polls.

And in Greece, the winner is: not the established parties.

No news on France yet.

And in our bastion of the free world…

President Obama (officially) kicked off his reelection campaign yesterday.

Hispanics could be the key to winning, says Politico.

In tech news…

Walmart and Amazon battle for online shoppers. Yup, it’s finally happened. The world’s greatest purveyors of cheap junk are now going head to head to fight for our meager recession dollars.

India placates Washington. The Asian giant continues to buy oil from embargoed Iran, but not enough, they hope, to anger the US.

It’s a draw! Yesterday, the Timbers scored 0 to 0 in their game with Columbus.

Joss and Jackson avenged! The Avengers can now claim the biggest box office debut ever. That’s right, A.O. Scott.

Oh, and did you know The Avengers’ director/writer, Joss Whedon, is a damn, dirty, non-believing humanist? It’s true.