Hey! We all saw The Avengers over the weekend, right? (I assume we did because it is now only the biggest box office opening weekend of all time, and all.) SO LET'S CHITTY-CHAT ABOUT IT! I'll drop off some of my thoughts after the jump—which I'm SURE you will mostly disagree with—and then let's chat about our likes and dislikes in the comments! SPOILERS AHEAD! CAREFUL WHAT YOU CLICK!


Okay, so here's what I'm thinking:

1) I liked it. I don't think I liked it as much as Erik liked it in his review, but he and i park our cars in different socio-garages (he's an Avengers fan, I've always been kinda meh about them). So there's that! Still... liked it!

2) While it may have been one of the best superhero movies yet, as far as Joss Whedon stuff goes, I don't think it was his best work. The first third was yappy, draggy, and seriously lacked that Whedon spark. And while the bombastic final third was fun—again, it lacked that spark for me. (You know, the spark of the crazy chase at the end of Serenity?) It was like Joss was channeling too much Michael Bay. AND YET? I LIKED IT.

3) I don't get anything about Hawkeye. Period.

4) Captain America looks weird. Like a mannequin. That creeps me out. And sorry, Samuel L. Jackson... your turn as Nick Fury was filled with more "huh?" than the time you were in that Star Wars movie. (Everyone! Brace for Twitter attack!)

5) Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow... well... she held it together. As an actress, she always seems like she's teetering on the edge of being awful, but in this? Whedon did a great job, gave her a lot of good lines and important stuff to do. So good for you on that one, Joss! (Scarlett? Don't stop those acting classes.)

6) Iron Man is kind of the perfect Joss Whedon character, and RDJ was perfect as usual.

7) OMG, I LOVE THE HULK SO MUCH IN THIS! This Hulk makes all other movie Hulks look like a tub of gamma-irradiated diarrhea. Mark Ruffalo was great Bruce Banner, too! Hulk make Hump happy! Whedon make Hump happy! Why Hump talking like Hulk? Make Hump stop!!

8) And ohhhhh, that final secret scene after the credits: At the time, I chuckled and said, "That's cute." But now, I think it's nothing less than brilliant. If you've ever been through a physical/mental trauma, that's exactly how you eat. Thor was the best in that one. OH! I almost forgot to mention Thor. He was pretty good. But again... WHERE'S YOUR HELMET, THOR???

9) Okay, your turn? What did you think?