NOOOOOO: (As mentioned in Erik's below post) Maurice Sendak, author of children book classics Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen and others, has died. I'd like to imagine that he's dancing with the Wild Things indefinitely.

Flip Flop: A new Oregonian poll shows a completely different outlook than yesterday's KATU poll. Charlie Hales and Amanda Fritz take the lead in their respective races. Eileen Brady is far behind.

No Hands: Google's computer-operated cars are coming to Nevada. Then, the world? Yikes.

TTYL: Rick Santorum quietly endorses Mitt Romney for prez in an email. Sneaky devil.

What it's Come To: The mother of a Indianapolis bullied gay teenage boy gives her son a stun gun to fend of school jerks.

Not the Problem: The military hopes to change the stigma around PTSD by altering its name. I'm still not sure how that will change anything.

Bam: According to a recent study, 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030. That's really soon.

Fossil Fuel: Another uplifting study shows that dinosaur farts may have caused the first wave of global warming. WAY TO GO, LARDASSES.

So Long: Here's an excerpt from a Spike Jonze documentary on Maurice Sendak's life: