Long before she became the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director, The Hurt Locker mastermind Kathryn Bigelow made an equally powerful epic: 1991's Point Break. Bearing the 100 percent accurate tagline "100 PERCENT PURE ADRENALINE," Point Break electrified audiences with surfing, shootouts, explosions, slow motion, sex, skydiving, two meatball sandwiches, and a cast that has never been and shall never be equaled:

• Keanu Reeves as "FBI Special Agent Johnny Utah"—an FBI special agent
• Patrick Swayze as "Bodhi"—surfer, Buddhist, bank robber
• Gary Busey as "Angelo Pappas"—a scholar of Calvin and Hobbes
• Lori Petty as "Tyler"—an unbelievably obnoxious human being
• Anthony Kiedis as "Tone"—a territorial surfer

"You're tryin' to tell me the FBI is gonna pay me to learn to surf?" asks an incredulous Johnny Utah early in Point Break—and yes, that's exactly what the FBI pays him to do when they assign the "young, dumb, [and] full of come" agent to take down a gang of surfing bankrobbers. But as Utah soon discovers, this assignment won't be that simple. For when he finds himself under the seductive sway of the trickster thieves' charismatic leader, Bodhi, all that Utah knows—all that he holds dear—becomes as fluid and tempestuous as the ocean herself.

Not only is Point Break one of my favorite movies ever, it's the number-one movie people have asked us to do for Hecklevision. Like past Hecklevisions, Point Break will play on the top of the movie screen, while just below—IN REAL TIME—your hilarious, adrenaline-packed text messages will pop up. In the past we've filled the Hollywood Theatre with heckle-enhanced screenings of Red Dawn and Commando... but you know what? Point Break is gonna kick those movies' asses. It's Point Break. It's Hecklevision. It's 100 percent pure adrenaline... now with an extra 15 percent of heckle.

WHAT: Hecklevision: Point Break
WHEN: Friday May 25, 7:30 pm
WHERE: Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy
HOW MUCH: If you want the ultimate, you gotta be willin' to pay the ultimate price. Only $7!

See you there.