Another new Gossip song turned up on Rolling Stone yesterday: Here's "Move in the Right Direction," the second advance track from their new record A Joyful Noise, which comes out May 22 on Columbia. (That's the sorta unsettling album cover up top.)

You're surely wondering: Is this new Gossip tune a glittering, infectious floorbumper? The answer: Does the pope know jack shit about gay rights? (Sorry, that was a bit labored; it's been an up-and-down couple of days, what with the positive news of Against Me!'s Tom Gabel announcing transgender plans and Obama supporting gay marriage offsetting that idiocy in North Carolina. Still, the title "Move in the Right Direction" couldn't feel more fitting.) The answer is a resounding yes, of course, with Beth Ditto capably matching the tune's undeniable discothèque-iness (also labored, sorry) with a measure of introspection.

Move In The Right Direction by Gossip Music